Online Poker Bots are Out There But You Can Beat Them

Advanced AI out of Carnegie Mellon University walloped all the human players it came up against. This led many players to wonder if poker bots are in online games and if there is any point in playing against them. The truth is poker bots are out there but the average player can beat them easily enough.

They're Not All Liberatus

Carnegie Mellon's poker-playing AI was so advanced they gave it a name, Liberatus. Online players have nothing to fear from it – Liberatus' software is far too expensive and academic to end up in your online game. The bots found online are advanced enough to beat humans, but only slightly more often than the average player.

Why Bots Win

The poker bots found in online card rooms come from programmers who sell their software online. It is not the most advanced poker software, but just like any decent poker player, it makes a profit by grinding through games over time. The advantage to a bot is its ability to maximize the over time part of the equation – bots don't take breaks for sleeping, eating, or watching Netflix.

Bots also have no feels about it. They are never tricked by bluffs, impressed by a player going all-in, and they cannot get tilted when they start losing

Why Bots Lose

Bots are conservative poker players by design. They are in it for the long game, set for small bets and minimizing risk. This is where being a risk-taking human has its advantages. Any player with a solid strategy, who bets big when the hand is good has an advantage over a bot's conservative program.

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