Jason Koon is the latest pro to support short-deck poker

Although it has been around for decades, short-deck poker only really started to gain traction within the past couple of years.  It has its roots in Asian poker rooms, but has spread as more poker pros have tried it, and liked it.  Several high-stakes players, such as Tom Dwan and Andrew Robl, have already decided that they have a preference for the version, and are now joined by Jason Koon. 

Koon participated in the $10,500 short-deck event at the recently completed Poker Masters series, where he finished in eighth place.  It was the first time short-deck had been seen at the series, and Koon sees it as a whole new challenge.  He told Card Player magazine, “In short deck, you always have a good hand. You basically always hit the board, there are essentially no bricks with the deuces through the five removed.”

He added, “It’s a ton of fun to play so many people post flop, its kind of weird and challenging when you can play so many hands. There is still a lot of room for skill, even if there is sometimes a lot of preflop flipping, you are playing multi-way pots and if you can read hands well and stay out of trouble you are going to make a lot more money than somebody who is going to overplay top pair or other hands that are good in full deck but are less strong in short deck.”

While poker has seen a lot of trends over the years, most never make the cut.  However, short-deck poker could be the exception.  “This is a great game, and I think that it has a bright future," predicts Koon.

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