G2 Esports Weaves its History Into Playable Samurai Video Game

The competitive organization G2 Esports is proud of its history and as such, wants to share it with fans in an engaging way. This week, G2 posted a new free-to-play Samurai game to its website that provides a chronological telling of the organization's rise to the top of the esports scene.

G2 Esports Samurai Arena stars a mini-samurai wearing a G2 mask. The little sword fighter faces off against archers, sumo wrestlers, and other samurai on its battle through five sections with three levels each. Each level ends in a boss battle, which if won, is rewarded with a glimpse of G2's path to greatness.

The game is short and simple but well thought out and entertaining. As the little samurai defeats his enemies his energy bar becomes increasingly charged. Once his bar is fully charged, players can command him to do his ultimate attack – a wide-range area attack.

At each level, G2 tells its story as an organization, beginning with League of Legends player and the organization's founder, Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago. As the samurai continues successfully defeating his foes, players pick up extras such as more health and lives. This is where game weaves in the icon of G2 sponsor Logitech.

Players who connect the game to their Twitch account can register their ranking in the game's leaderboard. The game does not require Twitch authentication to play, but players who choose not to connect their profile will not have their results saved. The top three players in the game's leaderboard have the chance to win various prizes.

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