Baccarat Player Caught Cheating Tries to Bribe Gaming Authority with Big Macs

A baccarat player at an Indiana casino came up with a creative bribe after he was caught cheating. Justin Athey, 34, first attempted to deny the cheating allegations when he was confronted by the Indiana Gaming Commission, then offered the authority all the Big Macs he could want.

Athey was arrested in late July on allegations that he engaged in a felony cheating scheme at the Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg. The cheating method Athey allegedly used is called late betting, in which a player attempts to place his wager after the outcome of the game.

The dealer claimed to have caught Athey placing a $100 block on his bet of $10 after the hand had been dealt. The dealer pushed the $100 block back to Athey, telling him that was not what he bet. A review of surveillance footage showed the move was intentional.

Though the stakes were low, cheating in a casino game is still considered a serious crime in Indiana. When the Gaming Commission agent informed him the crime is punishable as a level six felony, Athey tried his best to convince him it was not his intention to cheat.

According to a probable cause affidavit written by the Gaming Commission agent, Athey said he was at the casino trying to win enough money for his house payment. It was in his final pleading with the agent that Athey offered to get him as many Big Macs that he wanted.

Athey's bribe didn't work and he was charged with a felony on August 7. If he is convicted, Athey faces up to two years in prison.

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