Arlie Shaban accepts epic challenge from the "Poker Gods"

This past Sunday, Canadian poker player Arlie Shaban received a challenge of Herculean proportions.  The challenge, which was delivered in the form of a letter, proposes the "12 Labours of Arlie," a play on the "12 Labors of Hercules" from Greek mythology.  Shaban, who isn't ever afraid to take on a challenge, enthusiastically accepted. 

According to the letter, "Some of [the challenges] will be easy. Some will be difficult. And while some might seem obvious, be warned... some will be so complex you won't even know where to start.  But you won't be entirely without help.  Your first guide should be the original 12 Labours Hercules faced. From these you'll find not only inspiration, but also a few clues.  And if you get really stuck, then we're here for you Arlie. You can ask us for help.  But we reserve the right to mess with you from time to time. After all, it's our game, and Gods get to have whatever fun they like."

In typical Shaban style, he gladly accepted the challenges, emphatically stating, "F****** right I wanna do this! Challenge accepted. Bring it on."

Shaban loves a good challenge.  He once challenged himself to stream his online poker action for 50 straight days and then extended the goal to 1,000 hours.  He reached the goal streaming for 125 consecutive days, all of which was caught on his Twitch channel. 

The details of the challenge still haven't been released, but once it begins, it will most certainly be made available to his fans through his channel.

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