Aria casino to host blockchain poker tournament

This October, the World Crypto Conference will be held at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas.  The three-day conference is designed to help raise awareness of the virtues of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and will feature something rarely seen in the past.  Aria will be offering its first-ever blockchain-based poker tournament. 

The tournament is sponsored in part by  The final details of the event haven't been announced yet by Aria, but the casino did say that it expects "some of the biggest stars in poker" to attend. 

The blockchain and online poker have often been deemed a match made in heaven.  The technology allows for greater security and a decentralized platform that many say helps to ensure fairness.  One platform, the Crypto Poker Club, explains, "We utilize quantum natural phenomena (via Photons) to generate completely random strings of numbers. On the other, we use Bitcoin Network’s Hashes as an unknown, unpredictable entropy source to initiate a PRNG sequence. Together, we reshuffle the deck multiple times to provide the ultimate way of truly randomly generating numbers."

The conference, which will be held from October 31 through November 2, is a chance for crypto fans and enthusiasts to learn how the industry is advancing.  It will also, thanks to the Aria, be an opportunity for poker fans to see how the blockchain and crypto are impacting the poker space and how behind-the-scenes technology is revolutionizing online games. 

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