Andrew Neeme hosts cash poker game in Texas

As poker clubs continue to pop up around Texas, YouTube vlogger Andrew Neeme, along with fellow vlogger Brad Owen, decided to trek down and see what the excitement was all about.  The two visited a club in Austin, the Texas Card House, where they hosted their most recent Meet Up Game (MUG).  They later talked about their adventure in a vlog, and Neeme indicated that the game didn't exactly go as he had planned.

Neeme and Owen participated in an uncapped $5/$5 NLHE game that included straddles, double straddles, bomb pots and even double-board bomb pots.  Neeme said in his blog, "This is proper no limit Hold'em," Neeme said his vlog. "I mentioned that there was action in the MUG in Seattle, but this MUG in Austin — this was some proper action."

Because of the straddles, the pots typically grow much larger than what most would expect at a $5/$5 game.  "It can be a little misleading.   These games are playing a lot bigger than the typical $5/$5 games," he explained.

Of his performance, Neeme indicated that it didn't go very well.  He said, "No rake in the games means stacks build pretty frequently and pretty significantly.  So, lots of money on the table and a lot of action. That combined with run bad and for sure, some play bad, that's not going to be a very good formula for success."

Having the two celebrities drew a big crowd to the club.  Where the game normally sees two tables being played, it had to accommodate an additional four.

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