Twitch Takes Poker Seriously, Attracts Top Pros to Streaming


Streaming giant Twitch began to take poker more seriously in 2018 and as a result, has attracted a number of top poker pros into its fold. After Twitch established a dedicated area to host poker streams professionals like Jason Somerville, Daniel Negreanu, and Parker Talbot have found huge followings on the site.

Twitch is Bigger Than Netflix

It is almost unbelievable that a streaming site that has virtually no overhead from production costs pulls in a bigger audience than Netflix, which is rolling out cinematic productions by the dozens. Twitch draws more viewers than both HBO and Netflix, proving their model of supporting independent content producers was a winning bet.

More than Video Games

According to research published by Superdate in 2017, Twitch revenue accounts for around 52 percent of the entire $3.2 billion gaming industry. There is a lot of Fortnite and League of Legends watching going on. But Twitch is more than esports and video games. Poker is finding its place on the platform.

Twitch Elevates Poker

Offering tips and tricks and just generally talking about poker online has made the game more accessible to a new generation. Back in the day, the only way to improve at poker was through trial and error in live games or reading books. Through streaming, millions of millennials have discovered the age-old game and tested their skills in online poker or in card rooms.

Many of those new poker fans found the game through Parker “TonkaaaP” Talbot on Twitch. Talbot’s streams have reached over three million viewers.

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