PUBG Corp. Announces ‘Fix PUBG’ Campaign


PUBG Corp. wants to know how they can make the game better for players. After receiving player backlash over new features like the Event Pass and endless criticism for not making needed improvements to the game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launched the Fix PUBG Campaign.

The premise of the campaign is simple: PUBG Corp released their new developer roadmap and they want player feedback. The intention is to let players know their criticism did not fall on deaf ears the company is dedicated to supporting a game they will want to play. However, the result could be a campaign that blows up in PUBG Corp’s face.

Gamers are not a group known for their forgiveness or ability to provide constructive criticism. Coming forward and admitting that the game needs to be fixed could prove to be a bad move on the publisher’s part, and even if they make the game updates players request the game could still receive the same amount of criticism.

The Fix PUBG campaign will run for the next three months. PUBG Corp. will be busy fixing bugs and improving game performance during this time and is not expected to introduce any completely new or promotional features. The devs are also working on a “comprehensive anti-cheat solution” that will secure the game’s competitive integrity.

Though PUBG’s current anti-cheat program was able to reduce suspected cheaters by 80 percent since the beginning of the year, there are still too many malicious programs attacking the game for it to attract investments as a professional esport.

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