Phil Ivey's Return to Poker Prompted Borgata to Press for $10M

Phil Ivey made his way to Las Vegas this summer, playing in the World Series of Poker for the first time in years. Fans and fellow players were glad to see him back in the action, but his return prompted some unwanted attention as well. Attorneys working for Borgata say Ivey is able to pay the $10 million he owes the casino.

Ivey was ordered to repay Borgata by a judge in 2016 for a series of baccarat sessions that took place back in 2012. The judge ruled in favor of the casino despite the fact that casino staff accommodated very specific requests that gave Ivey and his playing partner an advantage. Ivey appealed the decision and has been fighting to keep the winnings.

In July, Ivey's attorneys filed a motion claiming it would have a “devastating impact” on Ivey if he had to surrender the winnings or post bond for the amount at this time. They also noted that delaying the judgment will not cause any harm to Borgata as a business.

Attorneys for Borgata responded earlier this month, using Ivey's recent success in live poker over the summer as evidence of his financial solvency. They argue that there is no testimony or evidence that Ivey or his partner, Cheung Yin Sun, would be unable to continue their careers if they are forced to pay the $10 million sum.

Borgata's legal team also pointed to Ivey's recent celebrity appearances, including a 2015 Chrysler 300 commercial, as evidence that he has a steady income stream through his various “business interests” to support him as he repays Borgata.

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