Invasion of Privacy: Rivers Casino Pittsburgh Snooped Smartphone Texts, Bank Info

Invasion of Privacy: Rivers Casino Pittsburgh Snooped Smartphone Texts, Bank Info

Though many people may feel their personal data is more at risk in online gambling, a lawsuit filed last week proves it may also be at risk in physical casinos. According to the lawsuit, it was not criminal gamblers but employees of Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh that snooped into a customer’s smartphone, obtaining her bank information.

July Capone and Hayley Clerici filed the lawsuit in the Court of Common Pleas last week, alleging three employees of the casino used surveillance cameras to glean sensitive information from texts and emails on their smartphones.

The three unnamed employees used their surveillance and security system to view the information on the phones. They then illegally provided the information to Dennis McCurdy, an attorney representing Clerici’s ex-husband, Allegheny County police homicide detective Scott Scherer. McCurdy also represented Scherer in a custody dispute with Clerici.

The women are targeting the owners of Rivers Casino, along with McCurdy and Scherer, accusing them of violating the state’s wiretap law. By zooming in on Clerici’s phone, they were able to read her text messages, emails, and obtain sensitive information when she accessed her mobile banking app. The defendants are also accused of invasion of privacy.

Scherer allegedly used private information provided to his attorney by the casino staff to harass and embarrass the women. According to the lawsuit, Sherer’s actions were intended to inflict emotional stress on the women regarding personal relationships and finances. Capone and Clerici are asking for compensation for damages over $35,000 and a trial by jury.

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