Gus Hansen spends way too much time in Bobby’s Room


Gus Hansen has left the building.  The high-stakes poker pro made the trek back to Europe after spending the summer in Las Vegas, but only after spending about 652 hours in the span of 70 days playing poker in the famous Bobby’s Room poker room at the Bellagio. 

The Great Dane, who loves posting about his activities on Instagram, took to the social media platform to bid farewell to Sin City.  He nonchalantly mentioned his marathon run in the poker room, which, after breaking out the trusty Texas Instruments TI-59 calculator, comes out to roughly 9.5 hours a day.  That is a serious amount of poker by any estimation, but we know based on previous posts that he also subjected himself to some incredibly long, 12-hour-plus sessions.  He closed the Instagram post by acknowledging, "I’m a sick, sick man."

It would appear that – although he came close – Hansen was never able to sit down at the table in a heads-up battle with Dan Cates.  Hansen posted a couple of weeks ago that he had hoped to duke it out with the poker talent and even found Cates sitting alone in Bobby’s Room several days ago, but there was no indication that they actually were able to enjoy a few hands. 

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