Grinding Longevity


For online tournament players, each day is a new opportunity to get in the action and take a shot at that life-changing score that all poker players dream about.

However, when practiced incorrectly, this apparent positive can quickly become a bottomless pit of despair. That’s because many players, particularly new and inexperienced ones, often don’t recognize that one of the most important factors to succeeding in poker tournaments is simply living to fight another day.

This is doubly true during long tournament series such as our $10 Million OSS Cub3d, running now through September 2nd. So make sure you keep these three important concepts in mind.

1. Bankroll Management is King

Most players are aware of how critical good bankroll management (BRM) at the poker table is. And yet many players still lack the discipline to stick to a predetermined plan and not play above their means. So if you ever find yourself thinking of hopping into a tournament that puts your longevity at risk, remind yourself that the longer you walk on the edge of a cliff, the higher the likelihood of ultimately encountering disastrous results.

2. Don’t Force The Action

Although it’s always fun to chase leaderboard prizes, such as the three $8,000 Live Cage packages during the OSS Cub3d, it’s important to recognize that tournament days are long and trying to remain patient and focused is a very tough task. So the next time you wake up really not feeling up for an all-day grind, remind yourself that while taking a day off might give your leaderboard chase a slight setback in the short-term, returning with a clear mindset the following day will quickly make up the difference and then some.

3. Strategy Without Mindset = L
No matter how hard you work on your game, if your mindset is not up to par, disaster is probably inevitable. That’s why I always recommend players work on their mindset at least as much as on their game. Whether that means taking days off like mentioned above, finding an activity such as yoga, or working with an experienced mindset coach to shore up your mental leaks, it’s important to find the mental strategy that works best for you and attack it with the same dedication you would a limped pot blind-versus-blind.

Show your respect to these longevity tips and you’ll be on your way to long-term poker success.

To learn more about the $10 Million OSS Cub3d, visit today.

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