Former Kansas cop admits to being a snitch for underground poker room


Normally, the men in blue are a tight-knit group that looks out for one another as they protect the neighborhood.  One former cop in Witchita, KS, though, broke the unwritten rule and turned into a snitch for an underground poker game.  He has now admitted to helping the game’s organizers finger a suspected undercover investigator. 

According to court documents, former police officer Bruce Mackey has pleaded guilty to one count of "misprision of a felony."  He acknowledged that he knew of the illegal poker activity, but didn’t do anything about it, adding that he also participated in the game at times.  He copped a plea deal to save his hide and is facing up to three years in prison.

After the organizers became suspicious that a spy was among them, they turned to Mackey, who confirmed that "the person was in fact a police officer" and gave the organizers the true identity of the individual. 

At the time, the poker game was taking in over $2,000 each day.  It offered players professional dealers, catering, security and waitresses.  Kansas has been involved in a crackdown on illegal gambling tied to public corruption since 2011, and it was through this dedicated effort that the illegal game was uncovered in 2014.

The police department sent an undercover investigator into the game to compile evidence, but his actions raised a few flags and Mackey was able to determine who the investigator was before ratting him out to the organizers. 

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