Tricks of the Trade: How Casinos Get Gamblers to Spend More and Keep Playing

Over the last 30 years, casinos have perfected the art of making money. In recent years, online casinos have begun to follow suit. Aside from poker, most casino games are set up to assure the house mostly wins, but the real tricks of the trade are how casinos get gamblers to spend more and keep playing.

Dizzying Design

The first winning school of thought for casino design is known as the Friedman Principals – a set of 13 guidelines intended to keep gamblers on the gaming floor. Several of these rules are still industry standard, like avoiding time-telling triggers such as windows, natural light, and clocks.

A few of the Friedman principals, like low ceilings and labyrinth-like gaming floors, are outdated and now only found in smaller casinos.

Lands of Lavish Luxury

Most new or resort casinos now take tips from designer Roger Thomas, who made a name for himself designing interiors for Steve Wynn in the 1980s. His style became known as the Adult Playground and is based on the goal of making patrons feel wealthy while keeping them relaxed.

Features of Thomas designs include bright, open gaming floors, lavish décor, and layouts that are easy to navigate.

Online Adaptations

For most of the last decade, online poker and casino platforms followed the Friedman style. Perhaps this style is an essential step in the evolution of gaming design, but eventually, operators realized players stay longer if they are relaxed as opposed to lured and confused.

Online casinos adopting a more Thomas-like design incorporate features like fun avatars, slow reward progression, and beautiful graphics that entice players to spend more time on their platforms. 

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