The Poker Brat lives up to his name at the WSOP

Phil Hellmuth is one of the most, how should it be put, vocal players ever to grace the game of poker.  He has made a name for himself, literally, by being outspoken and for repeated tantrums at the tables.  The ‘Poker Brat’ is currently in Las Vegas for this year’s WSOP series, and once again lived up to his name.

The 53-year-old, undoubtedly one of the most talented players in the world with 14 WSOP bracelets and over $22 million in life-action winnings, apparently became frustrated with his performance during a WSOP tournament and decided to throw a signature tantrum, directed at an unidentified player.  He took to Twitter after the outburst to apologize, saying "I was out of line and went Poker Brat for a minute. 100% my fault. Then I was called, loudly, a ‘Bad person,’ a ‘P.O.S.’ (he shouted that one 3x), a wimp, a bad poker player, and more. I took it, as I deserved a little grief, but…Wow! As usual, I apologized for my part…”

A few minutes later, he returned to Twitter to rationalize his character, tweeting, “For the record, I am proud of the person that I am: loyal, true, authentic, honest, fun loving, passionate, [with] perfect ethics and morals. You would enjoy having a beer w me! I am not proud of those ‘Poker Brat’ moments where I lose it at the tables. That is my weakness and flaw.”

Twitter user ‘The Standard Mope’ summed it up best with his response to the post, saying, "Congrats good to hear. Hopefully, someday someone will tweet these things about you so you don’t have to do it urself.”

P2: Gus Hansen picks up $1 million playing in Bobby’s Room
Just another day at the office for ‘The Great Dane’
Tags: Gus Hansen, poker, Bobby’s Room

Since moving to the Bellagio’s Bobby’s Room, The Big Game has normally seen mixed action around $2,000/$4,000 with the occasional increase to $3,000/$6,000 when a full moon makes players a little looser.  This past week, things got a little more intense, reaching up to $5,000/$10,000, and Gus Hansen was present to score an impressive payday. 

Poker pro Dan Smith mentioned the games in a Twitter post, saying, There’s currently a 5-10k 4game mix at Bellagio (PLO, 2-7, Razz, O8?) and a separate 5-10k 3 game mix (2-7, PLO, dunno?) Seems like this summer has the most nosebleed action ever…. pretty wild."  Apparently, his information was only partial, as he wasn’t able to determine exactly what games were being offered.  While he didn’t name names, a couple of posts on Instagram revealed Hansen’s participation and even showed off his winnings.

Hansen, under the Instagram name of "therealgushansen," posted a shot of his chip stack which, after careful counting, proved to be worth $1 million.  That would go nicely with the more than $10 million in live-table action he’s won and the $2-3 million picked up (after deducting his $21.7 losses) in online play. Subsequent posts indicated that the group was pulling an all-nighter, with no rest in sight.  At some point, the game had to end, however, but Hansen never informed his followers how much he had earned when he finally retired.

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