Sheldon Adelson said to be considering North Korea casino

Despite previous industry comments to the contrary, it looks like Sheldon Adelson, the multi-billionaire chairman of Las Vegas Sands, could be contemplating a move into North Korea.  During a recent speech at an event for the non-profit organization Taglit-Birthright Israel in Jerusalem, Adelson made a comment that has put the casino rumor mills firing on all cylinders. 

In his speech, Adelson said that he hopes President Trump could find a resolution to the conflict between North and South Korea.  He then went on to say that he would like to make a return to North Korea to "open up business."  While the comment didn't specifically mention casino operations, given his background, it's a safe bet. 

There has been talk previously of North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un's desire to open the gambling market in his country, and has even asked for help from President Trump.  Kim anticipates that the move could bring in as much as $50 million annually and he is said to be looking to the US to invest in a new casino in the country's Wonsan Special Tourist Zone. 

Adelson, who is a known supporter of President Trump and the Republican Party, would be a potential candidate for any casino project due to his affiliations.  He has continued to explore more overseas options, including scouting sites in Brazil and the Philippines for a new casino. 

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