Poker Alliance reignites push for online poker

After the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) started to dissolve, the poker lobbying group found new life through companies such as Poker Central and was rebranded Poker Alliance (PA).   Now that the dust has settled and the organization has normalized, it says its ready to tackle the issues surrounding online poker in the US, breathing new life into the fight to legalize the activity. 

The PPA received a great deal of backlash for seemingly taking a greater interest in support poker-based companies, and not enough in poker players.  As a result, players stopped donating to the cause and the PPA had to be put on life support.  With the backing of Poker Central and others, the reborn Poker Alliance will still lobby for poker companies, but now has the deep pockets to do so. 

In a statement on the PA website, the group says, "Poker Alliance is an organization dedicated to advancing the sport of poker on behalf of poker players in the United States and around the world. Whether you are playing in a neighbor's backyard, at a casino, or via the internet – we want your game to be safe, legal and fair. We also work with casinos, poker companies, and others to ensure you have a safe, fun, and fair game, whenever and wherever you decide to play."

Even though the PA will focus on supporting poker companies, it is still a win for poker players.  If the group is successful in its lobbying efforts, players across the country, and not just in states like New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, will be able to participate in the game without worrying about another Black Friday.   

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