MGM Resorts Expands Partnership with Foundry IV for Esports at Casinos

MGM Resorts and Foundry IV announced plans to expand their partnership this week. Foundry detailed the plans of the expansion, which will include more esports tournaments at casinos, though they might not be called esports.

The game development studio is calling their brand of video game competitions “new sports,” and aims to create a new federation within the industry. Foundry IV's New Sports Federation is a gaming platform aimed to bring esports into the casino industry.

According to Foundry IV, the new term is necessary in order to “evolve” esports for acceptance in the gambling industry. New Sports will serve as an umbrella term to include esports as well as online gambling and virtual reality gaming.

Foundry IV has ambitious plans for the future, including battle royale tournaments, a tournament series called “Suite Series,” celebrity appearances, and a family-friendly gaming option. Foundry IV co-founder Lilia Russo says New Sports will avoid “red blood violence,” kill scenes, and weapons.

In the press release announcing the new gaming platform, they described a battle royale game using Epic Games' Unreal Engine, but carefully avoided any mention of Fortnite. This could be because the game uses weapons and violence that is not family-friendly enough for Foundry IV's vision.

To accomplish their goals, Foundry IV will need to design a new battle royale game. This is in line with their plan to introduce New Sports as a High School curriculum, with the goal of creating an esport more likely to meet parental approval.

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