League of Legends YouTuber Leaks Akali’s New Look Ahead of Official Reveal


YouTuber Professor Akali, an Akali main in League of Legends, leaked the champion’s new look ahead of her official update reveal from Riot. The leak came via accidental upload and included the Rogue Assassin’s new abilities and a look at her new artwork.

Professor Akali claimed his intention was to upload the video but leave it unlisted. However, his decision to include the video in a playlist backfired, allowing the video to be found by League of Legends players around the world.

The YouTuber quickly removed the video and apologized to Riot Games as well as the Akali Reddit community. Riot graciously accepted the apology, saying it was an honest mistake. Riot still has to deal with the fact that everyone knows what is coming in the Akali update – so much for a big reveal.

Akali’s updated look features a fire-breathing dragon tattoo across her muscular back and shoulders. Her new abilities include Five Point Strike, Twilight Shroud, Shuriken Flip, and Perfect Execution, which is her ultimate. The new moves solidify her identity as a stealthy ninja and greatly improve her playstyle, which was less defined and more simplistic.

The new Akali is high-speed and more complicated to play, but for the right players, she will be a dream come true. One of her defining new abilities is a smoke shroud that provides her with true invisibility for five seconds. During that time, she can move faster and other players are unable to target, not even with revealing abilities.

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