Fortnite Makes Significant Map Changes for Season 5


Fortnite is a game constantly in transition, and the changes from competitive Season 4 to Season 5 were no exception. The 5.0 update arrived right at the season change, bringing a significantly different map into the game and eliminating the Moisty Mire.

Not many players will miss the region known as Moisty Mire, especially with a new biome to explore, the desert. In the heart of the desert is Paradise Palms, a Las Vegas-like town carved unnaturally into an otherwise inhospitable environment. The changes dramatically alter the Fortnite Skyline.

It appears Fortnite’s climate shifted with the addition of the desert, causing Dusty Divot to grow green with wildlife. The former crater is now filled with trees and even some pools of water.

Meanwhile, the Fortnite sky remains cracked, leaving an opening for speculation to seep in. The cracks appeared in the last few days of Season 4 and so far nothing has come in or out of them. However, Rifts enable players to pull off a new means of escape, albeit unpredictable.

By moving into one of the tears in the ground, a player s instantly teleported into the air. The move can be used to instantly reposition, but players have no control over their final location. This new teleport tactic is just the first of several new seasonal secrets that are sure to be revealed over the coming days and weeks.

Season 5 also brings a new golf kart-style vehicle to the game that can transport an entire squad along with several new cosmetic items including outfits and contrails.

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