Big 10 wants the NCAA to adopt NFL injury rules

Apparently, in response to the recently overturned PASPA law, college football is looking to adopt policies similar to those of the NFL.  One change would see greater reporting of player injuries and is designed to eliminate the "guessing game" associated with injuries. 

According to NBCSports’ Kevin McGuire, the push stems from changes to sports betting legislation in the US.  He points out that the reason the NFL reports injuries the way it does is to allow more complete information for sports betting, and those reporting guidelines were created directly because of sports betting.  Now, the Big 10 wants to see the NCAA establish similar policies.

Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith explained, We don’t know if we want to report as many days as the NFL, [But] clearly on Mondays if somebody is injured from Saturday and you know they’re not going to play the following Saturday because they broke their leg, why not just say that?”
It is still unclear if the NCAA will accept the proposal and, if accepted, how it would oversee the reporting.  The NFL reports on injuries every day through the teams’ websites.  With the repeal of PASPA, this is just one of many changes fans can expect to see across all sports leagues in the near future.  

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