A Slow Tournament Week Gives Ninja's Twitch Stream All the Views

As several major tournament series wrapped up, Twitch viewers found more time to tune into their favorite Fortnite streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. The slow tournament week as Ninja's stream reaches 6.9 million hours watched, nearly three times as many hours as the next-highest streamer on the platform.

Ninja puts in the time for his fans. The prolific streamer clocked 75 hours between July 2 and July 8. However, his dedication to video game streaming was topped by Dallas Fuel's Felix “xQc” Lengyel, who streamed nearly 80 hours of Overwatch over the same period.

Not only is Overwatch attracting far fewer views on Twitch, but homophobic comments made by xQc in January of this year could still be hurting his popularity. The player was fined $2,000 and suspended from competing in Overwatch League for 40 matches for launching a sexually-charged verbal attack at a homosexual player on an opposing team.

While Ninja continued collecting viewers for a 70 percent lead of the competition, streamer Ali “Myth” Kabbani rose from the No. 9 spot up to second place last week. Myth's viewership got a significant boost from his broadcast of his 1v1 contest against FaZe Clan's Turner “Tfue” Tenny.

The epic battle between Myth and Tfue was made possible due to Fortnite's temporary “Playground Limited Mode,” designed to allow teams to practice without the threat of enemy attacks. With or without the blessing of Epic Games, pro-players are using the mode to skirmish against one-another without having to knock out the masses first. The single stream clocked 471,400 concurrent views.

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