Selbst takes unprovoked stab at Bonomo in Twitter rant

After see-sawing in and out of retirement since the beginning of the year, Vanessa Selbst has been more antagonistic than ever.  For the past month or so, she has taken to Twitter several times to rant about the differences in the game today, and has now set her sights on the latest winningest player in the game, Justin Bonomo. 

Her tirades about poker began in May when she tweeted, "ok but seriously, when did it ppl 100% stop 4betting light (preflop OR on flop)? there used to be so many fun dynamics when ranges were obv polarized- now it’s like there’s a rule if u get raised while holding air u must fold…? seriously is this a thing? seems like a bad thing."

Matt Waxman, who recently won the WPT Tournament of Champions for over $463,000, responded by saying, "It’s not that the 4b’ers stopped, they just all went broke (or got jobs in finance)."  There was no indication if his jab was directed at Selbst, who said at the beginning of the year that she was giving up poker in favor of a hedge fund.

It didn’t take long for Selbst to reply, tweeting, "I get that people are choosing to optimize for GTO rather than take exploitable spots for fear of being too exploitable later generally. But isn’t a better strategy ‘play GTO but raise some MFers in a 300k FT?’ Or they just make too many of these it’s yawn city? @JustinBonomo." 

Prior to her attack on Bonomo, several players had begun to show their frustration with her antics.  Scott Cooper, chimed in, saying, "Stick to "retirement" However it was great seeing you repeatable [sic] hang yourself. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you wish you had born with a penis?"

Arguing about how players play is like arguing about how ducks swim while wanting to be a duck.  The game has changed, as has been recognized by high rollers like Daniel Negreanu and Gus Hansen.  You either have to change with the times, or get out.  

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