Poker player “just kidding” about ridiculous bet, loses over $10,000

As far as excuses for bad bets go, "just kidding" doesn’t cut it.  A player in a cash game at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles found this out the hard way last week after picked the worst possible time to try and bluff his way to a win.  He’ll probably never make the same mistake again. 

During the game, "Armenian Mike" pushed his luck against poker pro Ryan Feldman.  He tried to steal a $900 pot by betting $10,300 on the river with an Ace-high hand and a pair on the board.  Feldman, who didn’t earn the status of "poker pro" for nothing, didn’t back down and called the bet.  Obviously, when you’re looking at a full house, it’s a safe call. 

"Armenian Mike" tried to weasel his way out of the bet, claiming that it was "just a joke."  According to tournament rules, Feldman had the ability to either accept the bet or cut his opponent some slack and let him take it back.  Feldman made the right choice and kept the pot. 

Joey Ingram posted a video of the incident on Twitter, along with the caption, "Here is video of the worst angle I’ve ever seen last night on @LiveAtTheBike.  Ryan checks, Mike bets 10k on river, gets SNAP CALLED and says it is a JOKE. Floor rules that Ryan gets to decide what to do and Mike cries for 10 mins."  Live and learn, Mike. 

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