Nintendo’s Doug Bowser Says Esports Has a Broad Definition

Nintendo’s head of sales and marketing, Dough Bowser, revealed the interesting perspective the company has on esports during the recent E3 conference. According to Bowser, the company believes esports has a broad definition that can mean different things to different people.

Bowser’s statements provide some insights into Nintendo’s erratic and often contradictory actions to support esports round its titles. Though the company has attempted to deter organizers from hosting tournaments around its titles in the past, this year Nintendo promoted both Super Smash Bros Ultimate esports and Splatoon 2 esports at E3.

Bowser separates the competitions played for money from “social competitive fun” in esports. He explained that Nintendo leans towards the later to define its esports, preferring to support tournaments that are “accessible to everyone” and do not involve money.

However, at this year’s E3 Nintendo held tournaments on both sides of the spectrum. There were non-competitive demos of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, four-person competitive matches in the game that awarded swag, and professional-level competitions with the world’s best players in the title.

According to Bowser, it is crucial to the company that kids and players of all skill levels feel like they have a place in Nintendo esports. It is a far different perspective than other publishers that focus their esports efforts solely on the elite level of gameplay.

During his talk at E3, Bowser also mentioned Nintendo’s plans to build two new theme parks in the near future. One has been confirmed for Osaka, Japan and the second will be located in the United States.

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