Marked decks at the WSOP?

The WSOP has constantly been in the news this summer.  Huge pots, early exits by top pros, wins by relative unknowns and, now, a controversy over marked cards.  While it doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue, it was an issue, nonetheless, and verified by players and dealers. 

Jessie Martin was participating in a 2-7 game when he made a bold accusation.  He noticed that the cards were irrefutably marked, and he brought the subject up with the dealer.  According to Martin, it wasn’t the first time he made the observation, stating, "I come in here everyday [sic] and notice these things but no one says anything.  Everyday [sic] I just call it out the first time I see it.”

To prove his point, Martin asked the dealer to spread cards out on the table face down.  He then asked the dealer to randomly select several of the cards.  The dealer complied, pulling out five cards and sliding them forward.  Martin correctly called all five cards without looking at them. 

The deck was replaced and the game continued with no further word on the subject.  If, in fact, Martin has noticed that other decks have been marked, this could have larger ramifications for the WSOP and the game.  It certainly is enough to get the conspiracy wheels turning. 

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