Fortnite Exclusive: PlayStation 4 Skins

Fortnite fans are on the edge of their gaming chairs this week in anticipation of several rumored E3 announcements. While they wait, players on PlayStation 4 can take advantage of an opportunity to win new exclusive skins. On June 12, the game is giving out free Fortnite gear for Jurassic World Evolution to PS Plus service members.

Fortnite did not release images of the skins along with the announcement, but that doesn’t mean fans had to wait to see what they look like. One clever PlayStation 4 user combed the files of Update V.4.4 to find the images and posted them on the Twitter account @TwoEpicBuddies.

The leak revealed World Cup skins, soccer-themed battle emotes, as well as new pickaxes, gliders, and back bling. There are four different World Cup outfits for male and female characters, which go along with the soccer-themed challenges that are just around the corner.

So far, only two soccer pitches have been added to the Fortnite Battle Royale map. According to the leak, one of the upcoming challenges will be to score a goal on different pitches. This could mean that the update will bring more pitches to the map.

The patch notes for V.4.4 also revealed what appears to be several new weapons slated for the game, including a Thermal Scope Assault Rifle.

@TwoEpicBuddies also leaked the first look at other cosmetic items coming to the game, including the Visitor, Dark Eagle, WWII Pilot, and Dark Ninja skins. If this update follows the timing of previous releases, the skins should be available for purchase within two weeks.

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