Denver Cracks Down on Marijuana Tour Busses

Dozens of passengers on a marijuana tour bus in Denver were ticketed for consuming marijuana in public. The driver was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. The incident is part of the city’s crackdown on the popular tours conducted by My420 and Colorado Cannabis tours.

Both tour companies say they were not operating illegally and plan to fight against the allegations. State regulators say businesses are required to obtain a cannabis consumption license to allow its customers to use marijuana on its premises. Though the two tour companies have been in operation for over a year, regulators now say a bus does not qualify as a legal place to consume marijuana.

A representative from the state Cannabis Excise Office now says his office contacted the businesses verbally and sent letters to notify them of that their business practices contradict with state laws. He claims the companies failed to heed warnings ahead of the enforcement action.
The business owners disagree. They say the state has allowed them to operate cannabis tours that include consumption for passengers on the tour buses for several years. They even point to a clause on a state website that appears to approve their business model.

The clause states that while the driver and front passenger may not consume marijuana, passengers in the rear of private vehicles can do so with the permission of the driver. However, the city says the busses do not qualify for this clause because they are public places.

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