Dan Bilzerian loses $1/$2 cash game with ill-timed bluff

Poker player Dan Bilzerian, who has become somewhat of a social media celebrity, has always been somewhat of a loose cannon.  He briefly appeared on the poker scene without any real success, but turned that presence into a marketing tool that resulted in nicknames such as "Blitz" and "Instagram King."  While he works hard to maintain his celebrity status, he still occasionally finds time for a poker game and showed this past weekend why he’s no longer playing the game. 

In one particular low-stakes game, $1/$2 NLHE, to be precise, the board showed 6-3-2-5.  Bilzerian moved all in with 7-2 off-suit, apparently trying to buy the pot, but was called by his opponent, poker vlogger Brad Owen.  Owen was sitting on 7-5 and won the hand with the higher pair. 

A few hands later, Bilzerian shoved all-in preflop with $280 without looking at his cards.  As one might expect, he lost that hand, as well.  Bilzerian left the casino shortly after.

In an interview with "In Depth with Graham Bensinger," Bilzerian has defended his "skills" by saying, "For me, I just let people talk sh-t about my poker, and that I was bad and that I had a trust fund."  With only one registered cash to his name on Hendon Mob, despite his claim that he once had as much as $18 million on the tale during a high-stakes game, I’m not really sure which skills he was referring to with his comment.  

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