Apple bans crypto mining apps across its devices

There’s bad news for users of Apple devices.  During the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference last week, it announced new guidelines for the App Store that now prohibit cryptocurrency mining applications for both Mac and iOS devices.

Apple has previously remained relatively quiet on the subject.  However, it has now implemented the policy following the explosion of mining options, some of which have reportedly also been responsible for installing malware on devices.  The hardware compatibility policies of the App Store have been updated to read, "Apps, including any third-party advertisements displayed within them, may not run unrelated background processes, such as cryptocurrency mining."

Cryptocurrency mining is a method by which information is verified on a blockchain.  Miners receive monetary compensation for each transaction they verify, or mine, and the industry has grown into a multi-million dollar operation.

Mining itself is legal, and is what drives many digital currencies, such as Bitcoin.  However, the rise in popularity of mining has also brought with it a rise in malicious software that mines crytpo without the computer user’s consent.  One such app found in the App Store was Calendar 2, which was found to be mining the altcoin Monero even when the users turned off the calendar.  

Apple follows a similar decision made recently by Google for its web browser, Chrome.  The company began dissecting Chrome extensions and has now banned all extensions that mine cryptocurrency.  

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