Millenial Influence Leads Gambling Companies to More Skill-Based Games

Play games for a fun challenge or play games to win money? Gamblers mostly go with the latter option, but most millennials are not gamblers, yet. The popularity of skill-based games among millennials is influencing gambling companies to add more skill-based options to their platforms.

It can be hard for gambling operators who built their platform around luck-based casino games to make the switch, and that is where developers like Chopsticks in The Apps come in. The Czech Republic-based company takes favorite online games like Angry Birds and creates a version for gamblers, giving players a chance to win real money from their favorite games.

According to the latest data from the UK, the number of millennials who gamble has been dropping over the past four years. In 2014, 51 percent of 16-24-year-olds admitted to gambling. This year, just 35 percent of the same group are betting on games.

Other studies show they are not interested in casino favorites like roulette, while the player numbers for skill-based games like Fortnite are astronomical.

Michal Palecek, CEO of Chopsticks in the Apps, says the preferences of the youngest generation of gamblers are forcing the industry to change. Palecek says players choose his games over slots because they feel more in control of the outcome and the action.

The goal is not to replace slot machines entirely, says Palecek. He thinks games that are pure luck and adrenaline are a tradition that will last forever. The goal is to attract new and different types of gamers into physical and online casinos.

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