Golf Digest Tested Golfers on Marijuana, and The Results Might Surprise You

The curious folks at Golf Digest wanted to know how marijuana affects a player’s game. To find out, they conducted a test. They tapped three golfers of varying skill levels and took them to the marijuana-friendly greens of sunny California to test their swings while under the influence.

The Control
To establish baselines, the players each took a sobriety test conducted by on-site EMT and then demonstrated their skill level. They were measured by the yards of their drives, the feet of their approach, and the number of putts they made.

The First High
The golfers were then tested after dosing 6 milligrams of THC through a vape pen. Putting accuracy decreased by 20 percent across the board, while players distance jumped significantly.

A Little Higher
The players then doubled their dose, bringing their total dose to 18 milligrams. Based on the numbers, this was the sweet spot for performance enhancement through marijuana. Two out of three players improved across all measures.

Too High
After reaching a level that demonstrably improved their performance, the three test subjects decided to hit it home. They shared a joint, raising their total THC level to approximately 34 milligrams per person. Though their driving remained up across the board, accuracy was lower than ever on the iron test (approach). Their putts remained relatively unaffected.

Way Too High
The golfers decided to complete the experiment with one last round at 50 milligrams of THC. Driving distance and iron accuracy plummeted for two out of three golfers. One player became more interested in hitting the range picker than finishing the test.

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