Fortnite Announces $100M Prize Pool For 2018 Competitive Season

Fortnite publisher Epic Games just announced the largest prize pool in esports history, or did they? The publisher is putting up a $100 million prize pool for their game – a figure four-times larger than the prize pool offered at last year’s Dota 2 International.

However, unlike the $24.6 million that went to winners at The International 7, the epic-sized Fortinte prize is not for a single tournament – it will be spread over the 2018 competitive season. Epic did not confirm if any single tournament will carry one-quarter of the money for the year, but it is possible.

Even if announcing the prize pool for the entire season was just a way to make Fortnite look like the biggest esport, it is still impressive. For comparison, the total of all prize packages in the esports industry just surpassed $100 million for the first time last year.

According to Newzoo, the prolific esports data and research publisher, Fortnite’s contribution to esports prize pools will roughly double the industry this year.

How can Epic Games afford to offer such a large prize pool for such a new game? Although Fortnite only debuted its incredibly popular battle royale mode last year, there is no doubt it can foot the bill. Fortnite reportedly brought in $223 million in March alone.

The next question is: will more publishers follow Epic’s lead, pouring more money into their prize pools. Epic could have just kicked off a new level of competition between publishers of leading esports. Gamers can only hope.

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