Dream Cruises Launches World’s First Oceanic Esports Facility

The world’s first oceanic esports facility is set to begin offering cruises this year. World Dream, a new cruise ship created by Dream Cruises, offers 1,700-square-feet of esports gaming space, along with enough room for up to 80 spectators.

The home ports for the World Dream are in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, but the 150,000-ton ship could potentially traverse international waters. Passengers on board the vessel will have the opportunity to compete in multiple esports titles, opening the possibility of off-shore tournaments and esports betting.

The first titles offered on the esports deck of the World Dream are Tekken and Street Fighter. The ship’s crew includes a professional esports staff who provide complimentary workshops and esports training for passengers seeking to level up.

The ship is fully equipped for live streaming the esports events it hosts. It also boasts theaters and in-cabin television where guests can catch live tournaments. Though it has a large audience capacity, the ship’s cabin and training facility, called the ESC Experience Lab, can only accommodate ten players.

The ship could eventually provide an opportunity for top professionals in their title to tour together, welcoming up to 80 spectators on board for exclusive tournament events in various port cities. The professional esports tours by cruise ship could potentially launch in the wake of the 2022 Asian Games, which will be the first to include esports as a medal sport.

For now, Dream Cruises is marketing the experience along with the rest of their leisure cruises. For video game fans, it could be the ultimate vacation.

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