Alex Dreyfus Gets Clear on His Plans for chiliZ Esports Engagement Tool

After climbing to the top of the poker ladder as the owner of the Global Poker Index and Hendon Mob database, Alex Dreyfus set his sights on esports. He recently raised $27 million for his esports startup chiliZ, which he describes as a tool for esports engagement.

Dreyfus is a fearless entrepreneur who shows zero hesitation in admitting there are things he does not understand. This is precisely what he did late last year when he polled his followers about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. But Dreyfus is a quick learner, and in what seemed like minutes he went from interested to an expert in the subjects.

Not everyone understands how cryptocurrency or blockchain technology works. Even fewer people can grasp how Dreyfus plans to use them to give esports fans democratic control over the teams and organizations they follow. Dreyfus got clear on his plans for chiliZ in a recent interview with

Dreyfus compared his new startup to fantasy football, but with real-world results. The platform will give fans the opportunity to vote on decisions like the player roster, a say in the games their favorite teams will compete in, and even the skins the team will use in the game.

Well aware that there will be a high learning curve to make use of his product, Dreyfus anticipates educating people on how to use chiliZ will be the hardest part of launching the product. He says he hopes the platform will serve to organize, empower, and connect fans to esports; inspiring them to be active participants.

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