New Emotion-Detecting Tech Will End the Poker Face, Says Researcher

Researchers say their new emotion-detecting technology can detect when someone is lying, infatuated, or could become violent. Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories, Poppy Crum, called her new artificial intelligence “the end of the poker face.”

The system relies on sensors for a number of physical cues including facial recognition, eye dilation, heat signatures from the skin, the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled, and other metrics in combination with artificial intelligence.

The science behind how emotion detection through biometrics is nothing new, but it was not until the advent of AI technology that applications were functional outside a lab setting. For example, researchers have known for decades that eye dilation is an indicator of brain activity, but accurately measuring the data without a scientist present requires advanced camera systems with AI.

Imagine a poker-playing AI that could tell if their human opponent was in distress based on subtle changes in their body temperature? Crum says humans are constantly broadcasting their emotions though we are limited in our natural ability to read each other.

Though poker tells are one of her points of interest, Crum envisions a number of applications for the technology. Reading the biometrics that betrays a person’s behavior can be of benefit in certain situations. She uses the example of police intervention in cases where a person who appears criminally violent could have a health condition.

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