Nevada cracks down on BUIs (betting under the influence)

It’s a little late for Leon Tsoukernik, but the Nevada Gaming Association (NGA) has decided to change its stance on how casinos deal with a BUI (betting under the influence).  The stricter guidelines will be enforced against anyone showing signs of being drunk or high and were, coincidentally, released on the eve of April 20 (4-20, the unofficial holiday of marijuana enthusiasts). 

Going forward casinos will be forced to cut off from gambling anyone who shows signs of being impaired.  This includes anyone who is drunk or high on drugs.  NGA chairman Tony Alamo explained, "It’s not smart to allow impaired people to gamble.  Previously, we used the words ‘intoxication,’ and intoxication sometimes gives the feeling of just alcohol … We want to make it crystal-clear across the board under all regulations that ‘impairment’ is not just alcohol; it’s being impaired by drugs."

Alamo pointed out that the announcement doesn’t change the rules – the same rules were always in place.  However, it provides a clearer definition of the regulations to include marijuana under the intoxication classification.  About a year ago, recreational marijuana usage was legalized in Nevada.  "Decades ago, you would never think that anybody who was impaired was from anything but alcohol. Not anymore.  Society changes, Las Vegas changes and we change with it," said Alamo.

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