Marijuana Moms Celebrate 4/20 with Edibles, Creams

It’s April 20, 2018, and more marijuana users than ever are celebrating the 420 holiday. Enthusiasts from all walks of life are taking advantage of holiday discounts, especially the most notorious discount shoppers: moms. Retailers say marijuana moms are a target market for edibles and creams this year.

Marijuana marketed to moms is a new but not a surprising demographic. Michelle Bilodeau, co-host of the Hightea podcast, says moms turn to the drug for relief from common conditions like depression, anxiety, and aches and pains.

Bilodeau describes how she started to reach for marijuana over alcohol after becoming a mom because she could no longer handle hangovers and take care of her toddler. Her podcast guests describe how moms are more attracted to products that offer an alternative to smoking, such as edibles, creams, and oil infusions.

For a lot of moms who just warmed up to the idea of using marijuana with the spread of state-level legalization, it can be hard to know where to start. Dosage and information about the unique characteristics of different strains all issues that can overcomplicate consumption for new users.

Websites like Leafy and Hempster help those new to marijuana understand how to use different products. They are just two of many free sources for cannabis-related information available online, but new users don’t have to spend hours reading before they try a bite.

The Canadian Medical Association recommends new marijuana users start with a low-level THC product and take it slow, giving the product plenty of time to take effect before consuming more.

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