League of Legends’ Midseason Update Brings Changes on the Rift

It’s that time again: the Rift is due for a shifting. Competitive season eight is nearing the midway point, and experienced players know the midseason update is just around the corner. Riot Games has a history of introducing significant reworks or entirely new systems that alter the meta around this time every season.

League of Legends system designer, Riot Axe, recently posted a preview of a few changes in the works for the midseason update in the game forum. According to Axe, this will not be the biggest or most significant midseason update the game has seen by any measure, so fans of the current meta can sigh a big sigh of relief.

However, Axe said the changes were still important to note. At the top of the list is marksmen changes. Currently the highest-powered role in season 8, marksmen are taking a lot of heat when games are lost due to their intense level of responsibility. Riot developers plan to tip the responsibility scale slightly in patches, so the role is less game-defining.

The developers also plan to scale back an over-powered item, the Infinity Edge. Axe did not say what the change would be but confirmed that the current 150 percent damage buff it provides on critical hits is about to change.

Other items including the Essence Reaver, Last Whisper, and Lord Dominik’s Regards are getting tweaked as well. Axe did not mention any specific characters but said a few ADCs were in line for base stat changes in the 8.10 and 8.11 updates.

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