Ethereum: First-ever DNA sequence transmitted over Ethereum’s blockchain

Blockchains continue to find new uses every day.  As has repeatedly been the case, they continue to prove themselves to be a viable solution for a number of different industries, and the latest is no exception.  DNAtix, a genetic testing company, successfully transferred a complete DNA genome sequence using the Ethereum blockchain, and the possible uses are unlimited. 

The test was a proof of concept for using the blockchain to transmit the DNA data.  Scientists at the company chose to transfer the DNA of a virus, Enterobacteria phage phiX174 sensu lato, over the blockchain, using the single-stranded DNA virus for its simplicity.  Compared to a human genome, which is calculated at around 700 megabytes, the virus sequence is only around 1,348 bytes. 

Ofer Lidsky, DNAtix founder and CEO, explains that the company hopes to launch a direct-to-consumer platform that will give users the ability to perform partial or full DNA sequence analysis.  "This is only the beginning of unlocking humanity’s biggest mysteries.  Our Genetic ecosystem will enable better genetic understanding by allowing players in the market to use our open source technology, and introduce new developments for the benefit of humankind," he said.  By providing large amounts of DNA data to the secure and anonymous blockchain community, Lidsky hopes that genetic research will lead to faster advancements and treatments.

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