Facebook Will Try to Attract Streamers with Subscription Program, Monetization

Facebook announced plans this week to implement a monthly subscription service. Designed to provide a monetization channel for content creators, the social media site will use the new feature to attract successful streamers from YouTube and Twitch.

Other features will accompany the new subscription program, such as a searchable database of content creators. The database will make it easier for advertisers to find the right creators to partner with. To be included in the database, Facebook streamers will have to create a portfolio that demonstrates their appeal, along with proof of their online following.

Though Facebook did not say the new features were designed specifically for the gaming and esports community, the shoe looks like a perfect fit. It would allow esports organizations to identify and connect with gamers easily. It represents Facebook’s attempt to solve some of the most significant issues that have made earning money as a streamer a bit like winning the lottery.

In theory, the features will simplify the selection process for both businesses interested in advertising as well as content creators searching for the best way to make money off their content. However, it all hinges on Facebook’s ability to attract top streamers and the viewers to watch their content.

It is yet another major move into the world of esports streaming for the platform. In January, Facebook secured exclusive streaming rights for ESL One tournaments. The deal includes Dota 2 events as well as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and ESL’s CS:GO Pro League. Last month Facebook landed a second exclusive streaming deal with the Gfinity Elite Series.

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