Esports Video Series GAMERS Follows Top Pros Around the World

A new esports documentary series that follows top pros around the world is set to debut this month. GAMERS is a four-part video series that promises an exclusive look at video game players around the world, from all walks of life. One of those walks was along the path to create the most decorated esports team of all time.

In a trailer released this week for the first episode of the series, Fnatic founder Sam Mathews appears in an interview. Mathews started the esports team when he was just 18, and built it bit-by-bit to become the first fully professionalized team in the industry.

The first episode of GAMERS airs on April 17 and features Mathews’ story. According to series creator Game Belong, the series also takes an in-depth look at a professional Dota 2 player from India and the BGG (Black Girl Gamers) organization.

The series aims to present a fresh look at gaming culture in the year 2018, reaching back to the roots of professional esports through the founding of Fnatic to the industry’s expanding demographics. The series is shot on location by youth documentary filmmaker Mollie Mills.

Though video games and esports are widely believed to be a boy’s club, Mills chose a decidedly diverse cast of subjects to follow for the series. Episode two features the founder of a group that advocates for gender and ethnic diversity in gaming. The third episode follows a female game designer from Los Angeles, and the third episode is about a professional gamer from Mumbai, India.

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