Could World of Warcraft Come to Console? Blizzard Talks Possibilities

It is the question World of Warcraft fans have been asking for years: will Blizzard ever release a version of the game for console? The publisher has remained relatively tight-lipped about the idea for years, until now. At the recent PAX East conference, World of Warcraft Producer Daniel Stahl discussed the possibilities.

As one of the earliest games in its genre, World of Warcraft launched at a time when MMORPGs were entirely limited to PC. However, newer games in the genre including Final Fantasy XIV and Overwatch have made successful transitions onto console, leading many WoW fans to wonder if their favorite game could soon be launched on PlayStation and Xbox.

According to Stahl, if it ever happens, the console version would be very different from the original. Despite advancements in consoles, they still are not capable of meeting the game where it is at right now, said Stahl.

Stahl described the hypothetical console version as “something entirely different” which means if it did exist, it would most likely lack the crossover play between console and PC that Overwatch players enjoy. Additionally, Stahl did not seem too interested in the idea, so it is unlikely to manifest anytime soon.

In other World of Warcraft news, fans can look forward to the upcoming BlizzCon 2018, scheduled for November 2 and 3. Tickets to the event go on sale in may. Consistently one of the biggest gaming events of the year, last year’s BlizzCon sold out and millions more watched events at the conference from their homes via live stream.

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