Universal THC Label for Marijuana Products Aims to Reduce Consumer Confusion

A new symbol proposed in Colorado could become the universally recognized standard for marijuana labeling. The symbol contains the letters “THC” under an exclamation point, and has been adopted by state officials for the labeling of medical and retail marijuana, as well as edible and marijuana-infused products.

The new symbol aims to reduce consumer confusion and protect public health. The Marijuana Enforcement Division of Colorado adopted the symbol, effective immediately, to replace the “M” symbol labeling for medical marijuana in the state. The new labeling rules will be implemented as of October 1, 2018.

The design of the symbol takes its inspiration from other universal standard warnings used on food and cleaning product packaging. THC is the active part of marijuana that causes the drug's psychotropic effect, or high. Including it in the symbol will help consumers avoid unintentional ingestion of products containing THC.

The new requirements required products infused with marijuana and sold for medicinal use to be marked with the symbol on at least one side of the product. On packages containing cannabis flowers for medical or recreational use, the logo must appear in red and white. The words “Contains Marijuana. Keep away from children” must appear below the symbol.

Colorado released an updated list of requirements for product marketing that updates the rules for “M” and “R” labeling. Other states have their own symbols. In Oregon for example, the universal symbol is a black, white, and red rectangle featuring an exclamation point and a marijuana leaf.

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