The poker fold heard 'round the world

One of the most beautiful aspects of playing poker is the adrenaline rush that accompanies trying to figure out if an opponent is bluffing, or has a winning hand.  During the 2018 WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event, two pros were in a do-or-die showdown, with one making an incredible fold that saved him from elimination.  It was a move that most would never dream of making. 

Ian Steinman and Joe McKeehan were at the final table of the event, with Steinman out in front.  He was certainly feeling pumped about his performance and, when dealt pocket Kings, saw his enthusiasm only increase.  In the hand, McKeehan was dealt Q-10 offsuit, and the fight began.  A flop of A-7-5 didn't give any support to McKeehan, but he responded to Steinman's 150,000 chip bet.  A Jack on the turn still gave the lead to Steinman, but McKeehan, with only a 5% chance of winning, moved in with 370,000 chips.  Steinman didn't waste any time calling the bet.

Now for the river.  With odds of only around 8% that a King would appear, a King appeared.  Not only did this give Steinman a set, but it also gave McKeehan a straight.  Steinman felt like a King, and bet 800,000.  McKeehan, knowing now that he had the better hand, moved all in.  Three minutes later, after a lot of sweat and blood vessel-bursting thinking, Steinman actually laid down his trips.  Without a doubt, an extremely difficult decision to make.  It worked out for Steinman, though.  He ended up finishing in second place for $201,000.  McKeehan didn't do badly, either - his third-place finish gave him $131,000.

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