Oklahoma man fakes own kidnapping, uses ransom money at casino

There are dumb ideas, and then there are dumb ideas.  This one probably falls under the second heading.  An Oklahoma man came up with a creative way to earn a little money to gamble at the casino, faking his own kidnapping in order to collect the ransom.  The ransom demands were sent via text messages to his wife and friends and indicated that the money was to be deposited into a PayPal account.

34-year-old Jonathon Michael Davis is the mastermind behind the plan.  He had been missing for three days before his wife contacted police.  She began receiving text messages from Davis' cellphone that supposedly came from the captor or captors.  The messages, which she shared with officers, demanded $375 or the victim would receive broken fingers until paid.  Similar messages were also received by some of Davis' closest friends, who probably aren't so close anymore. 

Some simple sleuthing allowed officers to track Davis' phone to Tulsa's River Spirit Casino.  The gambler was sitting alone at a table - with the cell phone by his side.  Davis was arrested on March 1 and charged with extortion and false reporting of a crime.  He is scheduled to appear in court today.  Perhaps he shouldn't be blamed, though.  Maybe he was on Abilify.

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