Major gambling ring busted in Houston

In French, "22" is slang for warning that police are on their way.  The 22 suspects arrested during an illegal game room raid in Houston could have used a warning, but the two former police officers among them were too busy gambling. 

The four Chinatown-based operations were the target of a year-long investigation by the Houston Police Department.  Following the raid, police arrested the owners of the game rooms, employees, and the two officers.  The group is charged with money-laundering activities, engaging in organized crimes and promoting gambling.  Harris County District Attorney said, "Organized crime groups care more about money than anything else, and we took millions of dollars from them.  They were in business to make money, and these former officers are charged with helping them spend their illegal proceeds by making dirty money look clean.”

The two police officers resigned this year over allegations of being involved in gambling.  In February, Huy Ly Nguyen resigned after it was discovered that he financed the purchase of a Lamborghini Huracan through the Houston Police Federal Credit Union.  He made a down payment of $60,000 – a definite red flag – and was scheduled to pay $2,600 per month.  Larry Nguyen, the other officer, bought a Lexus GX 460 after putting down $15,000 as a down payment and financing the rest through Bank of America. 

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