H1Z1 Esports Call Las Vegas Home, Signs Exclusive Streaming Deal with Facebook

Move over, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, H1Z1 is stepping into the battle royale spotlight. The game came out of early access and launched an esports league with A-list organizations on its team roster. In their latest announcement, H1N1 calls Las Vegas home and inks an exclusive streaming deal with Facebook.

Prominent esports organizations including Cloud9 and Luminosity are among the first 15 to field a team in the H1Z1 Pro League, which kicks off its first season April 21. The teams will compete in the league's new official home, the Twin Galaxies Esports Arena in Las Vegas.

H1Z1 Esports also signed with Caesars Entertainment, the operations arm of the international casino brand, as its official venue and entertainment partner. This opens up the potential for H1Z1 events outside of Las Vegas, at Caesars casinos throughout the United States.

It is interesting to see a game with such a small active player pool (7,162 on Steam as of February) making such bold moves. H1Z1 also broke the mold by partnering with an independent league operator, Twin Galaxies, to launch as an esport. Most leagues are either fully independent or run by the title publisher or studio.

Daybreak and Twin Galaxies have established a unique model for governing the league that takes extra steps to protect and serve players. The league has an independent commissioner, who is balanced by company and team representatives. Player salaries are ensured by a concrete revenue model and their fair treatment is backed by a player “bill of rights.”

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