Fortnite Player Becomes First Twitch Streamer to Hit 3 Million Followers

Over the weekend, one Twitch streamer brought the platform and the game he streams to new heights. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who streams Fortnite on his Twitch channel, hit 3 million followers on Sunday, March 11. He became the first streamer to reach the milestone after seeing an unprecedented spike in popularity last week.

Before March 4, Ninja counted less than 100,000 fans among his subscribers. Just one week later and his number of subscribers had jumped to more than 150,000, while the number of people following him on the platform nearly doubled to reach the never-before-seen 3 million mark.

Ninja's swift rise on Twitch is a testament to the popularity of the game he streams, Fortnite, along with his winning strategy of near round-the-clock streaming. According to DotEsports, Ninja is now making at least $350,000 per month from streaming on the site.

Their estimate is based on the standard earnings split, but Dot notes that he could have negotiated for a higher rate and that does not include any donations players may make during his broadcasts. But Ninja did not start his rise to the top of Twitch with Fortnite.

Not long ago, Ninja was a successful professional Halo player. In 2016 he took the title at the Halo World Championship. He also streamed and competed in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds before turning to full-time-plus Fortnite streaming.

Ninja's habit of streaming marathon sessions of Fortnite: Battle Royale have helped him attract up to 70,000 viewers on a single stream. Ninja broke his first record on Twitch in February, when his channel became the first solo account to pick up over 50,000 subscribers. 

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